About us

MEDCLUSTER KZ comprises leading professionals focused on providing efficient technological and financial solutions in the field of health care in Kazakhstan. We implement private-public partnership projects, investment projects and cooperate within the various state programs for diagnostic and specialized medical aid.
Starting with a deep and comprehensive analysis of the input information, we develop an individual approach realizing that every project is unique. At the same time, the common principles of our work are:
* Transparency. Recognizing the project features, we develop the most effective and optimized solutions, both in financial and technological terms
* Reliability. We work with the world’s leading suppliers of medical and related equipment and use the most advanced logistics strategies
* Responsibility. We develop and implement solutions for modernizing existing and designing new medical institutions and programs, offering affordable and flexible financial instruments, organizing supply, installation and servicing of sophisticated hi-tech medical equipment with the aim of making the health care system in Kazakhstan more modern and efficient
Our advantages
• Great professional network and connections as well as great experience of constructive and productive cooperation in the medical industry worldwide
• We are an authorized supplier of diagnostic and medical equipment and systems from the world’s best manufacturers.
• We assume the responsibility for the whole complex of activities and every stage of the project implementation
• We work quickly, precisely and transparently aiming to deliver as much value as possible in short terms.