Our company is committed to providing the most advanced and cost effective solutions and services for healthcare organizations of any form of management and ownership. We are fully aware of the many and complicated challenges a medical institution in Kazakhstan may face, such as the need for modern and better equipment, financing and reducing costs, optimizing processes and developing more efficient work strategies, organizing staff education and getting professional technical support.
In order to improve the medical infrastructure we modernize or create new:
● city, district, regional and republican hospitals, medical and diagnostic centers
● maternity, neonatology, pediatric medical institutions
● oncology clinics and cancer treatment centers
● cardiology hospitals
● multifunctional clinics and hospitals
We take on accountability for every stage of the project starting with the research of the region’s features, develop the whole kit of the project documentation including investment plans and operational budget, provide financing, supervise the entire construction process, install and maintain hi-tech medical equipment, supply the entire range of consumables and organize the personnel training. At the same time we provide full documentation for successful running of the medical institution after the stage of construction is completed, as well as management support in the operation of the finished institution.
All the team members are highly qualified professionals oriented to performing the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time frame. The key principal of our work is to use the most modern strategies and instruments and offer the most advanced and cost effective solutions.
Among our partners are the world’s best medical equipment manufacturers and financial institutions. We believe in a long-term partnership and create relationships based on trust and professionalism in order to achieve the goals of every party involved in the project.
We successfully provide SERVICES such as:
- Consulting. We start with the deep research and comprehensive analysis of the customer’s needs, the features of the region and population, current legislation, available medical services and develop the project strategy. Upon request of the customer we create the strategy implementation plan.
As a result of the consultation the customer receives a tailored and “ready-to- implement” kit of documents and recommendations according to the project features in order to successfully implement it.
- Creating hi-tech healthcare facilities from scratch: rising financing, design, construction, equipment, technical and managerial support. We do our best to implement the projects and programs we participate in within the shortest possible time frames and in the most efficient way both financially and technologically.
- The most modern medical and diagnostic equipment supply, installation and servicing. We cooperate with large and well respected medical equipment suppliers and provide proper logistics strategy, installation and personnel training for such sophisticated equipment as radiotherapy, radio surgery, proton therapy, brachytherapy and the other units.
- All activities and operations in the supporting fields of trading, supply, logistics, installation of medical and diagnostic equipment and related products.
One of the main goals of our company is the creation and implementation of an advanced system of public-private partnership (PPP) institute in the field of healthcare. This type of partnership allows superior management of the most complex state healthcare infrastructure tasks and challenges in the most efficient way.
During the past 10 years there has been a significant growth of interest in PPP-models for healthcare institutions all over the world. In simple words this type of project management means productive cooperation between a private company or companies and a public sector and can be applied in various ways. As a rule the private company takes on financial, technological and operational risks and takes responsibility for the project implementation and the end result.
We provide the widest range of services within public-private partnership programs in Kazakhstan so the result of every project is a constructed and effectively run medical institution with modern equipment and well-trained staff, on a turnkey basis.
The stages of a successful project are:
• The project concept. On this stage we analyze the input data, provide the research needed, evaluate existing risks and create the preliminary concept of the project without the procurement schemes specification. The key question on this stage is: is the project really a good one?
• A legal model of the project. On this stage we develop an organizational structure of the institution and describe the legal form of the institution
• A financial model of the project. Here we analyze available sources of financing and create a financial model of the project including the budget, used payment mechanisms, and complete and transparent information about financial flows.
• Operational financing model. Here we describe the operational financial model of the medical institution on the stage of exploitation.
• The project implementation. This stage comprises the contracts and relationship management, the implications for the state financing management, risk management and dispute situations management. On this stage we also provide supply and installation of the medical and diagnostic equipment according to the medical institution specialization.
• The project supervising and support. This stage means support, maintenance and service of all the existing services and departments of the medical institution and running it according to the project documentation.
Public-private partnership model in the field of Kazakhstan healthcare industry allows:
• To accelerate the pace of developing the healthcare infrastructure projects on the basis of non-budget investments and to increase the quality of healthcare services. It simply means deliver better medical care to more people more cost effectively
• To save the budgetary funds in short term due to the distribution of financing to a longer period
• To utilize the budgetary funds more efficiently by private sector involvement. In implementing the public-private partnership projects we guarantee the usage of the most advanced principles and strategies based on full transparency and cost- effectiveness